Ship Design Lab

The Ship Design Laboratory (SDL) was established in 1991 and is a unit of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. The Laboratory is located in the Zografou Campus.

The mission of the Ship Design Laboratory is to advance the knowledge and research on ship design, performance and operation.

The research and projects performed by the Lab's members are in the fields of ship design, stability, hydrodynamics, structures and optimization.

The Ship Design Laboratory participates in a large variety of funded national and international (EU funded) research projects and provides support to the marine industry.

The members of the Laboratory disseminate the results of their work through publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, books and international conference proceedings.

Lecture on New Concept Designs
Qualifying New Technologies: From Innovation to Reality

The Ship Design Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens would like to invite you to attend online a lecture on
New Concept Designs Qualifying New Technologies: From Innovation to Reality presented by ABS Mr. Joseph Rousseau, Director, Offshore Technology, ABS, Houston on Tuesday 26th October 2021, 16:00 (Athens time), 15:00 (CET)

The lecture has been organized with the assistance of ABS, Pireaus. If you intend to participate, please register, preferably before October, 20 to the following link  and click on "Register":
Please find here the invitation.

Scientific Areas

The lab's activities concern various disciplines of the concurrent engineering approach to ship and marine vehicles design/operation and the management/logistics/economics of maritime transport.

Projects & Publications

R&D activities are reflected through the participation in a large variety of funded national and international (EU funded) research projects and the publication of research results in peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, international conference proceedings and technical reports.

Undergraduate & Postgraduate

Educational activities covers a number of topics such as advanced naval architecture, ship design and management/logistics/economics of maritime transport topics.


Ship Design Laboratory
School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
National Technical University of Athens
9, Heroon Polytechniou
15 773
Zografou - Athens


Phone 1: 0030 210 772 14 09
Phone 2: 0030 210 772 14 21
Fax: 0030 210 772 14 08


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